Norizo Cup

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Norizo Cup is expected to win the non-active and active in the expected location of other possible events
(Taken hand, the results of early and late) in a format not expected.
Is working against the 10th to pick up, who is hitting 20 points from the previous highest score of 50 points.
Also, special attention Planning rikishi in Basho ( not just the individual rooms, etc. If you have a group ).
Trends in the 10 choices from around bon appetit guess.

Key Question Point
v1 1. Makunochi Saiko Yusho
( Around 10 choices )
xo 2. Most Active rikishi
( Only 1 sekiwake or below )
20pt per win, -10pt per loss, 50pt per Sansho. `Kyujo` no count
oo 3. Active rikishi
( 3 rikishi from sekiwake or below )
10pt per win, -10pt per loss, 30pt per Sansho. `Kyujo` no count
xx 4. Non-Active rikishi
( 3 rikishi from sekiwake or below )
10pt per loss, -10pt per win. `Kyujo` no count
an 5. Realize or not
( 15 Questions, 2 choices )
Each correct `Realize` gives 20pt, each correct `Not` 10pt.
vt 6. Matchups
( 10 Questions, 3 choices )
Correct guess 20pt.
If 20% or less have one correct choice, you get 30pt.
10% or less, 40pt, 5% or less, 50pt.
For the third option (`they don't meet`) 30pt is the max.
sp 7. Special question
( Around 10 choices )
1000pt will be divided upon the correct answers, max. 200pt per person.

Q large sum of the above seven points as fast as possible.
The big question above is the case of tie scores of 1,2,3 higher priority, ranking above.