Norizo Cup

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How to Register

1. Pre Register to access the same email address twice to fill out the provisional registration button.
  Please input email-address and confirm address.
  If you not registered and already Pre-Registrer, Please use URL by Pre-registration mail.
  If you already registered, Please enter Entry Page.
  If you hope change registration, Please enter Change Register.

2. Fill out the registration page URL address will be sent. URL to access e-mail was written.
  Required to fill out the registration confirmation button. Participants already registered with the same name.

Registration Name =
Password =
E-mail =


3. Verify the contents of the contents if the registration OK button.

Registration Name=Ucchariyama

On the contents of the register ?

4. `Successfully` message at the registration screen is complete.
  Voting register page from the log into password please.
  In addition, multiple registration is at the same address.