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Series 130 entry page

1. Makunouchi Saiko Yusho

* 100pt

2. Most active rikishi

1 rikishi from Sekiwake or below.

* 20pt per win, -10pt per loss, 50pt per Sansho

3. Active rikishi

0-3 rikishi from Sekiwake or below, repeat of `Most active rikishi` is not possible.

* 10pt per win, -10pt per loss, 30pt per Sansho

4. Non-active rikishi

0-3 rikishi from Sekiwake or below

* 10pt per loss, -10pt per win

5. Realize or not

Will the following 15 phenomena realize or not for the next basho ?

* Each correct `Rearize` gives 20pt, each correct `Not` 10pt.
( 1 )Terunofuji will reach Kachikoshi on day8. 
( 2 )There will be at least 6 days when both Ozeki win. 
( 3 )In the matches among Shodai-Takakeisho-Mitakeumi, there will be at least 1 match which includes the case that the sole of the foot of a winner touch the Tawara arround the Dohyo earlier than it of a loser befor deciding win-loss. 
( 4 )In the matches among Meisei-Takayasu-Ichinojo, there will be at least 1 case that the loser grip the Mawashi with Uware earlier than the winner grip the Mawashi with Uwate.(*1) 
( 5 )A match by both Sekiwake will realize and the win-loss of the match will be decided in the inside of the Dohyo ring. 
( 6 )In the rikishi among Maegashira1-4, either of M1 will have the most number of wins against Sanyaku or above banzuke rikishi and either of M3 will have the most number of losses against them.(*2)(*3) 
( 7 )In a comparison of the number of the kinds of kimarite in the wins of each rikishi among the banzuke M5-8, the top 2 rikishi with it will be Ura and Tobizaru.(*2)  
( 8 )In the rikishi among M9-12, Hidenoumi or Chiyotairyu will have the most number of consecutive losses and Endo will have the most number of consecutive wins.(*2) 
( 9 )At least one rikishi who is ranked Maegashira 13-17 will get either Sansho or will be a candidate for either Sansho with condition of a win. 
( 10 )At least one rikishi among 7 Maegashira rikishi who had at least 10 losses in the previous basho will get at least 10 wins at the end of the basho.(*4) 
( 11 )At least one rikishi among 7 Makunouchi rikishi who had at least 10 wins in the previous basho will get at most the number of wins equal to the number of his losss in the previous basho.(*5) 
( 12 )At least one rikishi among Maegashira will get at least 4 wins against the foreign born rikishi. 
( 13 )During day1-5, at least one Makunouchi rikishi will win against the rikishi who has the win-loss record of no losses and 5 or more wins against him in the past matches. 
( 14 )At least 3 Sekitori[Juryo or Makunouchi rikishi] will win against Yusho rikishi and will reach Makekoshi. 
( 15 )At least 3 foreign born rikishi will get Yusho in all divisions [from Jonokuchi to Makunouchi]. 
(*1)It means that the fingertip is inserted into the Mawashi or the Uwate attracts the Mawashi.
(*2)It is not necessarily alone.
(*3)M1[Hoshoryu, Takanosho], M3[Wakatakakege, Kotonowaka]
(*4)Wakatakakage, Daieisho, Tobizaru, Kotoeko, Chiyotairyu, Okinoumi, Myogiryu.
(*5)Terunofuji-14wins, Ichinojo-10, Hoshoryu-10, tamawashi-11, Kotonowaka-12, Ura-10, Yutakayama-10.

6. Matchups

In the following matchups, who will win? Two options for the winner and third option `they don't meet`.

* Correct guess 20pt. If 20% or less have one correct choice, they get 30pt. 10% or less, 40pt, 5% or less, 50pt. For the third option (`they don't meet`) 30pt is the max.
( 1 )Terunofuji vs Sanyaku or above only banzuke East
( 2 )Takakeisho vs Komusubi or below only banzuke West
( 3 )Mitakeumi vs Maegashira 1-3 only banzuke East
( 4 )Takayasu vs Maegashira 4
( 5 )Meisei vs Maegashira 5 or below
( 6 )Maegashira 6 vs Shimanoumi[M7]
( 7 )Myogiryu[M10] vs Maegashira 16
( 8 )Tochinoshin[M12] vs Maegashira 13
( 9 )Yutakayama vs Ichiyamamoto
( 10 )Maegashira 1-7 vs Chiyonoo[M15]
Only one win decides win of the lower banzuke side.
When Kujo from Sonichi make the match impossible to rearize, the question is not counted.
(*1)Including the midway participation of the rikishi who offers Kyujo from shonichi.

7. Special question !

Kaisei has maintained double digit number banzuke class of Maegashira for 10 basho. How many wins will he get at the time after the match on day11?

* 1000pt will be divided upon the correct answers, max. 200pt per person.
( 1 )
( 2 )
( 3 )
( 4 )
( 5 )
( 6 )
( 7 )
( 8 )
( 9 )
( 10 )
( 11 )
( 12 )
( 13 )
( 14 )
( 15 )
( 16 )
In the case that he rest on day11, his results until that point are applied.

Rules, etc...
wa1Fusensho is counted as a win. Fusenpai is counted as a loss.Yasumi is not counted.
wa2If at the end of a basho, two or more participants are the same number of the total points, the following will be the tie breaker rules.
The participants who gained the points for Q1(Yusho) are ranked higher.
If two or more participants be in same situation, the highest total point for Q2(most active rikishi) are higher.
If the ranking cannot be decided by Q2 either, they are compared from Q3 to Q6 one by one until it is decided.
If the ranking can still not be decided, they are happily together same ranking.
wa3When the unexpected situation which this rule cannot cope with occurs, it is left to judgment of a sponsor.
wa4Application deadline is 09/12/2021 (=shonichi) 16:00(JST).
You can change it any number of times until the deadline.