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Series 143 entry page

1. Makunouchi Saiko Yusho

* 100pt

2. Most active rikishi

1 rikishi from Sekiwake or below.

* 20pt per win, -10pt per loss, 50pt per Sansho

3. Active rikishi

0-3 rikishi from Sekiwake or below, repeat of `Most active rikishi` is not possible.

* 10pt per win, -10pt per loss, 30pt per Sansho

4. Non-active rikishi

0-3 rikishi from Sekiwake or below

* 10pt per loss, -10pt per win

5. Realize or not

Will the following 15 phenomena realize or not for the next basho ?

* Each correct `Rearize` gives 20pt, each correct `Not` 10pt.
( 1 )All 3 Ozeki will reach Kachikoshi in order of height of Banzuke. 
( 2 )The total number of wins of the Rikishi ranked in M3-5 only Banzuke West will exceed it of M3-5 only Banzuke East at the end of the Basho. 
( 3 )There will be at least one day when all the Rikishi ranked in M5-9 have no matches against the Rikishi who are ranked in Banzuke higher than each of their ranking. 
( 4 )All the 6 Rikishi ranked in M6-8 will reach Kachikoshi. 
( 5 )At least 2 Rikishi ranked in M10-13 will reach Kachikoshi on the same day.  
( 6 )There will be every 6 types of wins from 5 to 10 as the final results of the Rikishi ranked in M11-17. 
( 7 )At least one Sansho will be awarded to the Rikishi ranked in M14-17, and the total number of it will exceed it of the Rikishi ranked in Sanyaku or above.  
( 8 )At least 50% of the number of the Makuuchi Rikishi who are in their highest rank in their career will reach Makekoshi.  
( 9 )In the Makuuchi Rikishi, someone in Sanyaku or above ranking Rikishi will reach Kachikoshi earliest and someone in there will reach Kachikoshi latest. 
( 10 )There will be at least 2 matches that take at least 1 minuite by day2.  
( 11 )In comparing the number of the wins against the opponents whom he was defeated in the previous Basho, Houshouryuu will get the most number of wins against them in Makuuchi Rikishi. 
( 12 )In comparing the number of the losses against the opponents whom he defeated in the previous Basho, Hokutofuji will get the most number of losses against them in Makuuchi Rikishi. 
( 13 )There will be at least 4 days when there is the only one undefeated Makuuchi Rikishi.  
( 14 )At least one Sekitori belongs to Isegahama-beya excpt Midorifuji will have at least one win with [Kimarite]Katasukashi.  
( 15 )Among the matches between 2 Makunouchi Rikishi, at least 2 matches will make their win-loss records 6-0 in this year. 
(9)(11)(12), they don't necessarily have to be alone.

6. Matchups

In the following matchups, who will win? Two options for the winner and third option `they don't meet`.

* Correct guess 20pt. If 20% or less have one correct choice, they get 30pt. 10% or less, 40pt, 5% or less, 50pt. For the third option (`they don't meet`) 30pt is the max.
( 1 )Ozeki vs Nishikigi[M4w]
( 2 )Sekiwake vs Tobizaru[M3w]
( 3 )Komusubi vs Gounoyama[M4e]
( 4 )M7[Hokuseihou, Kinbouzan] vs M11[Sadanoumi, Hiradoumi]
( 5 )M8[Endou, Atamifuji] vs M13-14 only West[Tsurugishou, Ichiyamamoto]
( 6 )M9[Myougiryuu, Mitakeumi] vs Tomokaze[M14e]
( 7 )Tamawashi[M12w] vs M15[Touhakuryuu, Churanoumi]
( 8 )M10[Ryuuden, Kotoekou] vs Rouga[M16e]
( 9 )M12-13 only East[Ouhou, Takarafuji] vs Kitanowaka[M17e]
( 10 )Kotoshouhou[J1w] vs J8-14
Only one win decides win of the lower banzuke side.
When Kujo from Sonichi make the match impossible to rearize, the question is not counted.

7. Special question !

Among 4 Sin-Nyumaku Rikishi, who will get 3 wins with 3 different kinds of Kimarite[including Hi-waza and Hansoku as the Shoubu-Kekka] earliest?[In the case of the achievement by multiple Rikishi on the same day, the earliest achievement is adopted.]

* 1000pt will be divided upon the correct answers, max. 200pt per person.
( 1 )
( 2 )
( 3 )
( 4 )
( 5 )
( 6 )
( 7 )
( 8 )
( 9 )
( 10 )
( 11 )
( 12 )
( 13 )
( 14 )
( 15 )

Rules, etc...
wa1Fusensho is counted as a win. Fusenpai is counted as a loss.Yasumi is not counted.
wa2If at the end of a basho, two or more participants are the same number of the total points, the following will be the tie breaker rules.
The participants who gained the points for Q1(Yusho) are ranked higher.
If two or more participants be in same situation, the highest total point for Q2(most active rikishi) are higher.
If the ranking cannot be decided by Q2 either, they are compared from Q3 to Q6 one by one until it is decided.
If the ranking can still not be decided, they are happily together same ranking.
wa3When the unexpected situation which this rule cannot cope with occurs, it is left to judgment of a sponsor.
wa4Application deadline is 11/12/2023 (=shonichi) 16:00(JST).
You can change it any number of times until the deadline.